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Valentus Clinics is focused on brain health and wellness. We’ve worked with over one thousand clients in the past six years at our clinics in Victoria, Vancouver and Calgary and are thrilled that 80% of our clients report improvement in their goal areas after completing their programs. We work with non-invasive, effective, proven technologies and our team is devoted to helping you achieve your goals. We love what we do and we'd love to help you achieve your goals. If you're struggling with PTSD, ADD/ADHD, or concussion symptoms including depression, anxiety, difficulty focusing, sleep issues, irritability, light or sound sensitivity, lack of motivation or other brain-based challenges, you might find our Brain Health & Wellness Programs of value. We also love to work with people who simply want to become even better. Many executives and elite athletes report that our Brain Health Programs help them become sharper, more focused, more decisive, and have a greater sense of happiness and well being when they commit to an ongoing program. At Valentus, our team is passionate about helping you become your best self.


Brain Health & Wellness Programs


Neurofeedback has proven to be very effective for numerous brain-based challenges in literally hundreds of clinical studies through the years. We work with an advanced neurofeedback system called BrainPaint. Our program is comfortable, pain-free and non-invasive. Please ask us about our scheduling options and programs!.


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Can Concussions Lead to Homelessness? Research Says Yes.

The current movie, ‘Concussion’, shines a light on how serious the repercussions of concussions can be. Concussions can lead to symptoms of depression, anxiety, anger, sleep issues, lack of focus, headaches, sound and light sensitivity, and a myriad of cognitive challenges. Many struggling with symptoms also suffer the loss of friends, family and studies suggest that concussions can even led to homelessness.

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5 Reasons Valentus Clinics Celebrate 5th Anniversary in Victoria

Victoria, B.C. – Valentus Clinics are delighted to announce their 5th anniversary in Victoria. The clinic on Oak Bay Avenue offers neurofeedback sessions which help the brain self-regulate. Many people are brain injured and are either unaware of it or the injury never properly healed. Sports injuries, vehicular crashes, or a simple fall may leave sufferers with lingering sleep, vision, concentration, emotional, language and overall wellness issues.

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Canada'S Top Soccer Stars Use Brain Optimizing Program Available at Valentus Clinics

VANCOUVER/CALGARY/VICTORIA - Valentus Clinics have an extra reason to cheer on Team Canada as the FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015 tournament gets underway in six host cities including Vancouver. In its elite training program, the Canadian women's soccer team uses BrainPaint™, a brain optimizing program that is also offered at Valentus Clinics in Vancouver, Victoria and Calgary.

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Common Questions regarding Valentus Clinics Brain Optimization Programs

A: We use EEG sensors on the scalp to read the electrical activity of the brain, in the form of brainwaves, and reflect this information back to the client in a specific way through audio or visual cues. This real-time reflection of brainwave activity appears to support the brain's natural ability to reorganize its own patterns and come into a better place of flexibility and self-regulation.

A: Brainwaves reflect the overall patterns of the electrical activity taking place in billions of brain cells as they communicate throughout their networks; making everything happen mentally, emotionally, and physically. Sometimes these networks and their electrical activity can become disrupted through a physical trauma such as a concussion, or through various emotional traumas and stressors.

A: The EEG-based technologies we use at Valentus are not used for the purpose of diagnosis or treatment. They read and reflect back brainwave activity in a gentle and non-invasive way, supporting the brain's natural processes. While we don't focus on treating specific symptoms, over 80% of clients report improved functioning after the sessions in many areas, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

A: The changes the brain makes in response to EEG feedback are thought to be long-standing. However, something caused the brain to become out of balance in the first place, and "life still happens". Many clients report continued benefits with maintenance sessions when they feel they need some fine-tuning.

A: Typically the first point of contact is a phone call with reception. During this phone call there will be a brief discussion to see if Valentus is a suitable fit, and to establish some expectations of the process.

A Consultation meeting will then take place between you and the Valentus psychologist, either by phone or in-person. The psychologist will review with you your health history and present goals, ascertain the appropriateness of the program for you at this time, and answer any questions you might have.

The client then books an evaluation. An Evaluation is conducted by the technologist and is used to select what to target during sessions.

After an evaluation is conducted and interpreted, a client is ready for Sessions. Sessions may be scheduled over a period of one to three weeks, once or twice per day, as recommended by the psychologist and discussed with you during the consultation meeting.

Upon completion of sessions, you will meet with the technician to recap and review the progress made. This is known as an End of Series Review, which typically happens directly after the session, and lasts from 15-30 minutes. After 4 weeks we will check in again to see how you are doing at the 4-Week Review, which can be done in person or by phone.

A: Although the history of these types of neuro technologies spans four decades, they are still considered by many to be an experimental intervention. An increasing amount of research is beginning to demonstrate its effectiveness for things like anxiety, depression, mild traumatic brain injury, and autism, among others; but continuing research is ongoing. The current research literature provides the best support for ADHD, PTSD, epilepsy, addiction disorders, and insomnia. Please see the following link to learn more about BrainPaint, and to explore the research done to date.

A: Our Brain Relaxation program includes an evaluation or assessment, 9 sessions that are 90 minutes long and a 4 week follow-up. These sessions are scheduled either 2 times a day for 1 week, or 1 session a day for 2 weeks. The pacing is determined during the initial consultation with a Valentus Psychologist. Our second program, BrainPaint, has a more flexible schedule. This program includes an evaluation, sessions and a 4 week follow-up. The number of sessions can be determined with greater input from the client. The full program is 19 sessions at 45 minutes long. However, the number of sessions may build from a base of 9 sessions over time. We often find with more sessions there are better results.

A: Our programs can vary in pricing due to the amount of sessions recommended. We suggest contacting us to discuss which program would be best for you.

We work with a company called Medicard that has a financing program that assists clients with spreading out their payments. We also accept VISA and Mastercard which enables clients to pay over time.

Our brain balancing programs are not currently covered by provincial medical but if a client has extended health insurance the program may be covered under Registered Psychology Services. We recommend calling the insurance provider to determine if there is coverage for Psychology and what the annual entitlement is.

The quick answer is: rarely. We have recently been working with legal counsel in a few cases that have been successful in obtaining approval from ICBC to pay for the program for their clients. We are hopeful this is the beginning of a terrific support system for our clients.

The deposit is non-refundable but can be transferred to another family member. Cancellations and refunds of the program once it has begun would need to be discussed with management on a case-by-case basis.

Yes. While it is preferred for clients to pay for their program upfront, we can discuss paying per session. We do ask for clients to settle up for every appointment if they decide to pay per session.

No but if there are any current promotions we will make sure to give the best pricing we can for you and your family members.

We respect our clients right to privacy and confidentiality, so we will not share their information unless consent is given. That being said, we have clients who have had life-changing experiences with our program, and are excited to spread the word by sharing their story with you! Contact us and we will do our best to connect you with one of them.

Our clients report about an 80% success rate based on the feedback and surveys they complete. This percentage represents those who have reported noticeable improvements and/or those who have felt they have achieved the goals that they set out for themselves at the start of the program. From the first day a client rates how they are feeling on these goals and they continue to rate their progress throughout the program and again at the 4 week follow-up appointment.

For those who don't report success we believe about 10% may have benefitted from further sessions. The remaining 10% we are not entirely clear as to why the neurofeedback did not appear to have its customary benefit.

Our Team

Dr. Barbara Dyble
Medical Director

Dr. Chris Hammer

Rebecca McKee
Brainwave Technologist

Alyssa Andres
Brainwave Technologist

Ashley McGrath
BSc Biopsychology
Brainwave Technologist

Allison Esau
BA Psych
Brainwave Technologist

Roshelle Williams
Counsellor & Brainwave Technologist

Stephen Davis

Mary-Lynn Bellamy-Willms


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